Christopher's Reason

24 Hour Open Access Center

Christopher’s Reason Recovery Center is a place where all are welcome to explore their substance abuse issues as well as a safe place to spend the day together with our recovering individuals.

We have a SOBER peer run agency in our “24 Hour Open Access Recovery Center” We are a helping hand to ALL no matter what age. You can stop by, play pool, watch a movie, go to a 12-step meeting, work on your steps with Peers, learn life skills, study, play games, play basketball, go bowling with our sober support group and just hang out in our sober Recovery Center with a sober support group.   We are a non-judgment facility and will welcome all who drop by.  Come and be a part of our family at Christopher’s Reason!

Services consist of the following:

  • Walk in and get connected with services no appointment necessary
  • Referral & Assessment to all levels of care
  • Peer Individuals and Group Sessions
  • Yoga Peer Groups
  • Grieving Peer Run Groups
  • Family Groups 
  • Trainings for Families on Addiction
  • Peer Run Sibling Groups
  • Peer Support Groups
  • Peer Individuals
  • Monthly Overdose Trainings
  • Insurance Assistance
  • Life Skills
  • How to Budgeting and Pay Off Debt
  • 12-Step Meetings
  • HRA Assistance
  • Group Outdoor Activities (vary)
  • Recovery Boxing
  • Recovery Bowling
  • Recovery Karaoke
  • Christopher's Reason "Hurricanes" Football
  • Christopher's Reason "Hurricanes" Softball
  • Movie Night
  • Game Night

And much more offered at our 24 Hour Open Access Recovery Center!

Our Services Don’t stop here!


"A Beacon of hope"