Christopher's Reason Recovery Community Living Center

To start, we at Christopher’s Reason Recovery Community Living Center do not have respite beds within our facility.  We are not a Crises Center or a Homeless Shelter.  We are Recovery Community Living Center with Beds that concentrate on Structured Living, Behaviors, Boundaries, Authenticity, Relationships, Accountability, Consequences and much more through the recovery process with required intensive outpatient treatment with our OASAS Licensed 822 Outpatient Treatment Center located on the third floor of our building.  We are a Long Term Recovery Living Center

We at Christopher’s Reason are a Recovery Community Living Center which is located on the second floor of our building features beds for individuals struggling with substance abuse with no length of time for their stay.  Upon admission each individual must be engaged in our intensive outpatient program. During assessment, we screen each individual and do not admit anyone who has severe medical complications or severe mental illness.  Any individual who is need of detox prior to admission is referred to an appropriate detoxification program and once completed, they will have the option of utilizing our facility thereafter.

In addition, we assist our clients with their transition back into the community as they prioritize their recovery and work towards sustaining long term sobriety.  All clients engage in random toxicology weekly, as we monitor their sobriety, to ensure that they are not risking the sobriety/recovery of their peers.  We do not have a specific time frame that we follow for the recovery living individuals.  Rather, we individualize treatment and transition each individual slowly as based on the assessment made by our multidisciplinary team weekly.  As time has passed not only has our team at CR has seen the difference, but the difference that time truly makes, in each individual’s life that stays in our Recovery Community Living Center.

There are different stages and different behaviors within their stay with us.  We watch them grow and learn how to love themselves and adapt into the sober world.  As a mother that lost her child, I only wished for someplace like Christopher’s Reason for my son, and now he has left me on earth to complete his journey and brought this way of Recovery and Treatment for so many in need.   Our team at Christopher’s Reason watch, guide, and walk side by side with them in each stage of their recovery, as they live a sober and happy life.  Each individual learns how to take their time, not rush and reprogram themselves to handle all situations, all emotions and take the appropriate measures/tools to do so.  

Each individual that stays in our Recovery Community Living Center has three (3) Peer Advocates assigned to them each and every day 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The Christopher’s Reason team, along with the individuals that stay at Christopher’s Reason Recovery Community Living Center are each other’s biggest supporters and Christopher’s Reason becomes a lifetime family.  Christopher’s Reason, takes the time and has the patience to assess and help each individual.  Each individual’s family are required to attend collateral and family meetings, as this is a family disease and in order for positive results and a happy and healthy recovery all must change their behaviors not just the addicted individual.

Each and every individual that decides to stay in Christopher’s Reason Recovery Community Living Center, signs a contract, and has a set schedule, rules and regulations to follow, there is a curfew set when they are at the appropriate stage, they are responsible for chores and are required to have peer ran groups and sit with their Peer Advocates assigned for individuals.

Overall, our goal with our Recovery Community living is to aid individuals that are struggling to maintain sobriety on their own. If necessary, we refer to higher levels of care, we transition people back into their homes, and we also help people find housing. Several residents are currently employed though continue to reside in our facility for additional support and until they can be financially stable on their own. We find ourselves housing some residents for months, as it can be difficult to find appropriate placements that are supportive of recovery and offer all supportive services without self-payment. Again, all individuals engage willingly. 

If only, all parents that lost their child from addiction, would take their pain and channel it to open a facility like Christopher’s Reason in representation of their child we will have more of a chance on saving the lives of our children and loved ones. 



"A Beacon of hope"

Christopher's Reason